19 Inspiring Ritesh Agarwal Quotes for Startup Founders

In India, Ritesh Agarwal is considered one of the best entrepreneurs. Oyo rooms was founded by Riteish Agrwal. India’s largest hotel chain is OYO rooms. 

For those startup founders who have hit a wall and are willing to give up, here are startup tycoon Ritesh agarwal quotes that will inspire them all the time.

More than your experience in the domain, what matters is your experience with failures. If you are learning & failing early, your ability to succeed later on goes up manifold.

I think even if there is even a 5% chance of an idea working out in the future or creating an impact, entrepreneurs must take the plunge and risk it.

I have always believed that an individual is an average of the 10 people around them. Thoughts & perceptions that you create about the world are influenced by the immediate set of people you interact with, in your life.

Surround yourself with people who push you to do your best.

Entrepreneurs should never forget to live in the “now”. Let go of what is elusive & work for what makes you happy today. 

Your tech should be forward-looking, your efforts should be unrelenting.

Before speaking at any meeting, take a deep breath & think whether your words will add value to the meeting or conversation. If not, it can be avoided.

If you have not failed, you have not hardened yourself

Don’t leave space for arrogance. Staying humble gets you authentic perspectives from stakeholders

Never give up. Go harder at the same aspiration you seem to be failing at

Hire people not for today but for 2-3 years from now, and let them grow with the company.

Your brand reflects your culture, purpose, and identity. It’s never too early to start thinking about it.

The reality of startup is you have failures very often.

Stay away from family when you are working on a startup. They make your life difficult.

Bring people who are ready to stick their neck out for the mission of the company.

You must be willing to stretch out of your comfort zone, take risks, and be emotional (in a good way) about your venture and the stakeholders involved.

Start small, nail it, and then make it big.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be open to taking risks, especially when the downside is limited but the upside is high

It is extremely important to build something that a 100 people absolutely love using rather than make something that a 1,000 people would just, kind of, like.”

Having a passion for solving a big problem and leaving a huge impact. Once you have that, everything else falls into place.

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