Why Lean Tale is Different

  1. We are interviewing only legit founders and business owners.
  2. We provide in-depth interviews, in-depth case studies, and how-to guides that help you to take action.
  3. We are 100% committed to entrepreneurial content only.
  4. We are interviewing worldwide founders and business owners.
  5. Mainly focused on budding entrepreneurs who want to start or who want to grow their existing business.
  6. We believe that the only way to grow is to provide value. We are committed to our work 100% and try to provide real insightful content that not only motivates you but also inspires you to take action so you can reach your goal.


What is the Interview Application Process

You just have to fill out a google form and submit it. After submitting it will take a minimum of 24-48 to hours and we will surely reach out to you.

Where Do You Take the Interview

We will have an interview on skype call or zoom call.

Do You Publish Interviews in the Form of a Blog, Podcast or Video?

Right now we are only publishing interviews in the form of blog posts but in the future we will diversify ourselves and then we will surely cover other forms of content like podcasts and videos.

How Much Time Will It Take to Live My Interview?

It will take around 7-10 days to publish on your website.

Who Can Give an Interview on a Lean Tale?

We only interview legit founders who really know how to build profitable businesses and grow that business. We only focus on internet entrepreneurs, so if your business is related to the internet or having an online business, you can apply the feature on lean tale.

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