How I Started Digital Marketing Institute


Today we are going to have a discussion about emergence of a brand that is rapidly earning its name through its method teaching in the field of digital marketing.We will get to know what it costs to build a successful Digital Marketing Institute

Who are You and What Kind of Business You Started (Back Story)

Hello Everyone My name is Arbab Usmani, I was born in Muzaffarpur (Bihar) originally and then moved to Jamshedpur as my father was posted there.

Here, I completed my primary schooling up to the 10th and then moved to Patna (Bihar) for further studies. But, here i was hit by severe jaundice and typhoid, which caused a setback one year earlier in my career.

In the following year i passed my secondary schooling and took up Mechanical Engineering for pursuing my graduation although i had a soft corner for the computer and IT sector.

I was very inclined towards my love for computer and programming languages which led to winning various ‘Hackathons’ and creating numerous codes during my college years.

After completing my graduation i moved to Bangalore to follow my passion in the field of IT sector for which i enrolled myself to learn java programming.

Meanwhile , i got a job opportunity as a trainee in the field of Digital marketing and i worked there for sometime and developed various industry orientated skills.

I used these skills in my future workplaces in Kolkata. I also worked for 3-4 years in a reputed firm and in many real estate where my work got huge appreciation which gave me the confidence to start my own business.

In the following six to eight months i spent my time in research about the current market trends and study the consumer needs . I also put a keen eye on the faults prevailing in the current market scenario such as how the market is full of fraud schemes.

I also used the opportunity of the revolution which was coming in modern education system that focusses on skill development.

After all this research which I calls ‘Design Thinking’, I launched a platform called ” Uppskill” for learning industry based web development,digital marketing,soft skills and many more.

These courses are simple and affordable which will turn you to be more productive and informative thus making you job ready. The roots of “uppskill “are very firm about our business policy. We believe in providing quality education rather than misleading the consumer and making profits.

We put our all efforts to teach you in a manner that will make you job ready with self improvement by your own hard work and not by spoon feeding. For this, We have a dedicated 24 ×7 faculty assistance that will guide you and clear your doubts.

The “Uppskill” also beleives in making strong bonds with their consumers for lifetime for which they have a special Alumni development cell in which you can interact with other “uppskillians” and mentors for any assistance or advice for future projects. The Uppskill is well known for its outstanding placement record of 97 percent worldwide.

New Reforms in Coursework

I has a great vision to make Indian people skillful so that they could get into the workforce. I want to bring a revolution in the field of technical learning through our courses and my motive is not only to make money.

For this, I has also started a branch of Uppskill’ in his hometown in Patna(Bihar) despite knowing the fact that there is less earning probabilty out there.

After the pandemic has started, i also switched from our traditional offline classes to online live classes for all the courses.

I hold a firm belief that , this has improved the quality of learning as through online classes there is a better one to one interaction between students and trainers.

Here, the students have a better opportunity to clear their doubts with better understanding in the middle of classes.

I also took a positive step to help the society in my own way by reducing their course fees by 30 percent for helping the students in this covid crisis.

Furthermore, we have also updated our course as compared to other traditional courses which are already existing in the market.

One of them is that they are willing to launch a course called- ‘ Community Building’ which is a one of its kind that aims to teach the learners that -How they can build strong community groups for business professionals for rapid growth?

A few more new courses to be launched are : Neuromarketing, Marketing Story Telling, Influencer Marketing, etc.

How Many Person in Your Team and How You Choose Them For Your Business

As we know, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Keeping this in mind, My co founder Abhishek kumar gupta come with the idea of Uppskill and then me and abhishek kumar gupta started uppskill and saurabh das also helped us to start.

Later on Abhishek Verma,Parveen Panday,Rishi Bathra join our team,

Also, I was very devoted to interacting with the students so that he could get into their minds and find out what type of course they actually want and how it can be provided to them in the best possible way.

What is the Biggest Problem You Faced Till Now in Your Business Journey and How You Overcome it From There.

Since the startup was built initially with zero investment so obviously one of the major hindrances in their way was monetry problem due to lack of funds.

But, later on with their goodwill and out of the box teaching methods made ‘Uppskill’ a familiar brand among the students for quality learning.

This led to the firm establishment of ‘Uppskill’ not only in the market but also helped to build connections with top government and private educational institutions of the country comprising of various IITs, NITs, State universities, etc.

Another difficulty which he later talks about was the slow growth of ‘Upskill’ as it was started with zero investment and in its early days it was started in a very common location in Noida.

Later on, when we started to earn through ‘Uppskill’ we started looking forward to making it a big brand and started to make smaller investments like developing websites, hosting, etc.

A Golden Tip From Mr. Arbab Usmani for Young Entrepreneurs

You must invest some capital for your startup initially for its satisfactory growth. Plan an investment strategy for your startup and use time wisely.

What’s Your Future Plan?

We all are aware how this covid 19 pandemic has hit the world and has caused a setback. This has certainly affected the ‘Uppskill’ as their enrollment for new students has declined.

But ‘Uppskill’ is all set to turn this setback into a comeback as they have good future plans like launching new technology oriented courses like web development, app building, AI, Machine Learning, and many more. Also, we are looking forward to launching a unique course on – How to build your own business and become your own boss?

Long Term Plans for Uppskill.

A social experiment for bringing Uppskill to Indian Schools. This would cause a revolution as it will be very different from traditional learning methodology.

This will make them capable to visualize what they are being taught and connecting it to real life situations and dealing with it.

Strategy Used for Business Growth

  1. Personal Branding covers the most of it.
  2. Using social media platforms like Facebook advertising and marketing.
  3. Live seminars in top colleges.
  4. E-mail marketing.
  5. References.

Golden Tips for Young and Emerging Entrepreneurs

Always start with a basic dive deep into Indian culture so that you can connect more through the community for which you are designing a product or service.

You can also refer to some awesome books on Entrepreneurship like Indian Entrepreneurs by Rashmi Bansal, Sapiens- The history of mankind, and other similar books on entrepreneurship.

Life Lessons that One Should Learn From Mr. Arbab Usmani

  1. Accept the failure and consider it as feedback on the path of success.
  2. The struggles one faces during their journey are the true stories of a successful entrepreneur.
  3. Wear your confidence and ignore the critics. Kill them with success, and heal them with a smile.

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