How I Sold My Website for $6000 on Flippa

In today’s interview we have Aksshit Wadhwa who is the former owner of bloghaul. Let me tell you a little bit about bloghaul. is a resource for new and experienced bloggers. Bloghaul started with the intention of sharing our experience creating successful blogs with other bloggers who were just starting out.

Flippa Case Study

Tell me About Yourself and Your Blog

My name is Aksshit Wadhwa, i am a digital marketer and wordpress developer, i was running a blog and recently sold it for $6000.

My main business objective was to teach aspiring bloggers about blogging and digital marketing and also giving practical insight through bloghaul so they also can grow their blog.

I’ve been running bloghaul for 5 years. Before that, the blog I had was called After that I revamped the website and gave it the name of the blog,

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How You Monetize Your Blog

When I started, there was no traffic and no earnings from bloghaul. So for monetizing purposes I was looking for sponsored posts and banner ads and slowly I started getting paid posts and banner ads for bloghaul.

After that I took a lot of paid posts on my blog. But slowly when the traffic on the website increased. I stopped taking sponsored posts and shifted my whole focus from sponsored posts to affiliate marketing.

I used to promote keyword research tools, web hosting and email marketing affiliates products on my website. After promoting these products on my website I started getting sufficient money which was sufficient for me and managing my blog expenses.

When You Planned to Sell Your Website

I made a plan to sell bloghaul around two to three months ago. But I was not so confident at that time because due to google updates my website traffic went down a little bit so I thought maybe I will not get the price as per my expectations.

But last month I thought let’s try it once on Flippa, If I get it’s good price, I will sell my blog.

Why You Sold Your Website and What was the Reason Behind it.

I don’t want to speak badly about anyone. But this time there are so many new people coming into the blogging industry. Everyone who does not even know blogging is creating a blog over blogging.

So in this way only the crowd has increased in the entire industry, they are not giving any quality content. So it is better to don’t be a part of the crowd and leave that crowd on time.

I am leaving the blogging niche, it does not mean that I am quitting blogging or I will no longer be present in this field. I have my own digital marketing agency where I am taking clients projects related to web development, SEO, and Marketing.

‘Don’t run in the game of rats. Be the Guru of those Rats. – Aksshit Wadhwa’

Tell Me the Process of How You Sold website on Flippa

Step 1: First you have to make an account on flippa.

Step 2: Fill out your personal information and upload your actual photo. What many sellers do is use stock images so please if you are serious about selling websites then fill each information correctly on the flippa.

Step 3: After filling out your details on flippa verify yourself so it makes your profile stand out from other sellers and buyers who also trust verified accounts more.

Step 4: After filling up details, it’s time to write the quality and uniqueness of your website or blog you have. Additional assets like if you have an engaging Facebook group, Twitter account or Facebook page then mention all these things along with blogs that make your listing more authentic and buyers willing to buy these kinds of sites first.

Step 5: Give actual traffic reports so it will help buyers understand the current scenario of your website traffic. Also, never use any kind of Photoshoped traffic image because if a buyer finds your list inappropriate and reports it on your account then there is a high chance your account may be banned.

Step 6: After completing the above steps, you will have to fill in your pricing expectations or reserve price for your website.

Step 7: Then wait for a genuine buyer. If you fill out everything properly I am sure you will be able to sell your website for profit.

Like I said, I put my blog on Flippa. After that I got offers from four people and chose the one with the best price.

I sold my website for 6K dollars. This was a good deal because after the Google update there was a lot of traffic up and down. So both Buyer and I were happy at this rate.

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So Today’s Time If Anyone Wants to Sell his Blog then How He Can Prepare Himself

If you want to sell your blog in today’s time.First of all you have to focus on the smallest thing on your blog. How is your blog different from others?

Find out from every aspect of uniqueness that your blog has. I will explain this to you with an example like my blog has some uniqueness.

  • My blog is niche specific
  • I have my own custom developed wordpress them
  • My custom Logo
  • Speed of my website
  • Generating Sufficient Revenue Each Month
  • Other assets like Facebook page, Twitter page, engaging Facebook group

So these things matter a lot. Whenever you are thinking of selling your blog. That’s why I said to showcase every little thing so that buyers can understand everything. Buyers do not have to think again before buying it.

How will the Transfer of the Website Take Place Etc

Today’s time to sell a website is very secure. You do not have to worry about the payment. Without your permission nothing is moved. Neither the buyer could commit a fraud nor can you.

I sold my website through flippa and they are using escrow as a payment method, so my overall experience with escrow is very good.

They give information about each and every step when the buyer accepts the proposal when he releases the money. Each and every step was very crisp and clear.

What’s Your Future Plan?

I have a lot of plans for the future but right now i can not disclose all the things. But still for the time being my full focus is on my digital marketing agency and then I will launch some products. So overall some exciting things are coming.

The whole work is in the process. So when things are completed I will make them public and will announce them on my social media as well.

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