Starting a business is might be easy but building a profitable and scalable business is hard and here we come in.

We take an interview of successful entrepreneurs and share their journeys with you. In each interview we ask some set of specific questions like how they started their business, what kind of difficulties they faced, their business model, future plan and a lot more insight about their business that you will never get at any other place on the internet.

The sole purpose of starting a leantale is to inspire budding entrepreneurs to start their own business and learn from proven entrepreneurs so you will get real insight about how to run and scale a business.

Leantale is openly run by Ajeet Yadav and started in August 2020 with the sole purpose of helping budding entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses.

We are truly believers in open learning and sharing things. so making a lean tale is openly meant here that we share everything transparently, from revenue to traffic and everything. If anyone wants to see how much time and effort is required to build any successful online business they can take inspiration from us.