Why Personal Touch Matters in the early stages of a startup

Everyone wants to save their time in this rapidly changing world so startups are not new.

Today, many startup founders are trying to get the maximum amount of things done with their automation. And there is nothing wrong with this.

But when we start the business, especially at an early stage. We need to give personal touch to our customers and try to improve their customer experience by taking regular feedback.

Let me explain to you this whole personal touch thing with an example then you will understand.

When we eat food in a hotel vs home.

Both places have the same vegetables, spices and oil. But there is a different comfort and taste in eating at home.

Because mother made that food specially for us.

This is a personal touch that everyone is looking for and that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Personal touch works both places internal and external, if you start giving personal assistance to your team your team productivity level increases to another level and if you start giving personal assistance to your customer your customer is always loyal to you and no one can beat you in this.

Personal touch is a kind of marketing where no one can beat you: Ajeet Yadav

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