Why ideas are shit

ideas are shit

Two days ago I got a message from a friend on WhatsApp. She was asking me, “You develop the website ? I told her to call me so we can properly discuss what exactly she needs. 

After talking about the website, I asked her, what are you doing nowadays? She said that she is planning to open her own startup?

I told her, very good then I asked her again about his startup idea. She refused to tell me(It happens to everyone that they feel that maybe someone can copy his idea) and honestly I don’t have any issue with that she didn’t tell me.

But she told me that she has been thinking about this idea for two years. Even though she knows that there is no value of ideas, only execution matters. 

But she is not able to take action why ?

Also she is not the only one even when i was in college everyday don’t know how many ideas were just roaming around my mind and at the end of the day it feels like i wasted my whole day because with that idea i was just thinking that i will do this and that and it will be grow and blah blah blah.

Let me tell you what exactly is happening in this phase and why we are not able to take action. When we think of ideas, everything seems to be done.

The route from the starting point to the end point looks clear. But when we come into the real world. We do not know how to start and then the frustration  begins.

So what do we have to do instead and how can we overcome it? The first thing is that you will never know clearly what to do. Work as far as you know, you will know further roadmap after you finish that old one.


Facebook was firstly a kind of  dating app where everyone gave some points based on their look and personality but today it is a social media network. So exactly Mark Zuckerberg also doesn’t know he wants to build a social media network he starts with something else and it becomes something else according to demand.

So you just have to take initiative and start and everything comes to you at the right time.

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