What is Leantale and the Future of Leantale

what is leantale

My friends and relatives keep asking me what is Leantle. And why did you open this website and what do you do there?

Literally a lot of questions.

Leantale is a media tech platform where I interview mostly Indian entrepreneurs and try to provide a deep look into every aspect of their lives that are related to startups.

We are currently offering leantale in one language (English), but will expand our offerings to include every major language spoken in India soon.

All forms of content will be covered. Startup-related blogs, podcasts, videos, and more.

Backstory (2018)

I never expected to start a platform like this. I used to feel very strongly that I should talk to people about the past, what they’re doing now, how they arrived there, and literally everything they ever did in their lives.

As a result, I created a website called founder’s diary that was very similar to leantale today, but with a greater emphasis on video.

It only took a few days of hard work for me to land some big interviews with founders. Among them was Vinay Singhal, founder of Wittyfeed; he is currently co-founder of Stage App.

However, a lot of academic pressure made it impossible to focus on the founder’s diary at the time. Furthermore, I had no idea how to properly monetize, I was clueless about marketing, and no idea how to connect with high class people.

Moreover, I do not have enough guts to follow my instincts.

Today’s Scenario

With my experience in a content-related (finance) startup and failure in my first agency as well as working with a number of national and international clients, I have a clear picture of leantale now. Specifically, how can I build my content team, how do I check quality, and how do I scale my content startup.

Right now I am not earning a single penny from leantale. Every month, I invest my time and money (I earn from freelancing) into it. I know when it gets bigger and more mature I will easily be able to monetize it. I focus now is on building the brand and reaching as many people as possible through leantale.

You will get a lot of insight into my views on leantale from this article. I will add more things to Leantale and make it all available in one spot for startups, but it’s hard to predict right now how the future will pan out.

Future Plans for Leantale (Upcoming 5 Years)

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