Vijay Shekhar Sharma Quotes for Hustlers

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of Paytm. A recharging platform and finance company based in India, Paytm. Additionally, he received the highest civilian honor from the government of Uttar Pradesh, and his net worth is approximately $2.35 billion. Here is a list of Vijay Shekhar Sharma quotes for young Indians who want to be entrepreneurs and work hard.

vijay shekhar QUOTES

Quotes By Paytm Founder: Vijay Shekhar

I think I’ve been lucky that in my life I had to take risks without even thinking of downfalls because I did not start with a lot of things that I could have lost

What we’ve changed in this country is that now you don’t need to actually carry a wallet, or a card, or a currency.

The problem with big guys is that they’re not hustlers.

When you are hiring, hire them for your vision. Tell them what dream you have and the like-minded will get attracted to it and will join you.

If you don’t give yourself a chance, who will ? If you don’t take a chance, who will ? and I think you should take a chance on you

If you’re not the customer, don’t build it

Today, you can build anything in India. If you’re an Indian entrepreneur, you get a meeting with any investor in the world

As soon as you have a fixed business model, you are destined for death.

There are two kinds of companies in the world: One, who build, and two, who buy.

Searching for a business model is equivalent to searching for God.

You are what your situations make you.

As unique you are, you’re part of a crowd

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