21 Business Ideas Under 10000 Rupees in India

To earn some wealth for the family is the initial target for every individual doesn’t matter whether he/she is educated or not.

In today’s scenario when employment opportunities have lessons, every person is compelled to think about some middle path for survival.

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The people who are not getting employment according to their qualifications have become very frustrated and now they are pushing themselves towards self employed fields.

Research says that almost 65% of the young population are seen to have interest in starting their own business.

Starting a business requires a genuine effort so that an expected empire should be maintained.

Yes business is the exact way of getting some good for our financial assistance. Business is the other category of self employment but what to do with those who are unable to set any coin for the foundation of their business?

Today when the competition index is getting higher day by day, we sometimes feel that our employment opportunities are getting less. Now we need to go for such ideas which can fulfill our daily livelihood.

We have to prefer some other ideas to earn money when we do not get the employment according to our qualifications.

Business Ideas Under 10000 Rupees in India: Video

How About to Run a Business?

Of course there comes some certain needs of course there, in need of guidance to earn money. No worries because we are here to assist your query with the best of our solutions.

What Business Can I Start with 10000 Rupees

We will give you 21 ideas for small businesses which will be tiny steps towards a good future. So be with us towards the end of this writing note so that we may discuss these crucial ideas with you.

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog can be said such a start-up which has the capability to provide you with the high wages when you put extraordinary efforts on that.

Blogging includes creativity and good writing skill so that you may catch audience for your blog.

You can start a blog choosing the particular niche of your interest. Apart from your interest, it is good to research on the trend and then put the blog on that so that you may have the attention of a big crowd.

We all know that today’s scenario is when people are preferring online things more than the off-line ones.

They always seek things on internet doesn’t matter it is a piece of news or something else. Although newspapers are irreplaceable, people are preferring blogs in various niches like news, lifestyle, technology, auto mobile etc.

Write your blogs by focusing on your audience and building relevant backlinks for your website that rank higher in the search engine.

Example: You can check how Anil Aggarwal started his blog

2. Start a YouTube Channel (Gaming, Cooking, Tech, Interview)

The second thing you can simply do by living at your home is just start a YouTube channel.

You can choose a niche like gaming, cooking, technology, interview, celebrity gossip, relationship or any other stuff to make content for your YouTube channel.

Here you can make money according to the advertisement given to the YouTube channel.

Example: You can check how Amita Mishra started his successful youtube channel.

3. Online Classes

Although online classes have been running since 3 to 4 few years, these are emphasised in 2020 due to pandemic. When everyone got lock down, there were no chances to go outside.

Children had never been on such long vacations and this had made them overwhelmed but somehow the parents and the schooling staff were not happy with this.

They were concerned that the flow of the children in Learning may affect if there is no cognitive process given to them. Hence now schools started online classes.

Online classes are being run via some certain apps but some of the schools and people are also preferring YouTube channel YouTube to provide the online material. So online teaching may be a good option for you to start learning.

Example: Checkout Digital deepak internship program

3. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is a process where someone register a domain on some particular amount and then sells it to the other interested person by taking profit.

Just take a simple example. People buy land or any house and then sell it to the other person with the profit apart from the amount they have actually paid for that.

This is very much similar to domain flipping. So you can check to see if any domain is available in any niche.

Now you can be Pay the amount to register yourself on that domain. After that you can sell it to a third-party by taking profit accordingly.

4. Flip old things on Olx, Quikr, Fb

Have you ever thought about earning a profit by selling your old things? Yes, it is possible now.

You can upload the pictures of your old things on OLX, Quickr or any other FB group so that you may convey your message of selling these items to the interested buyers.

There are so many people who prefer to buy second hand sofas, beds, mobile phones and other home accessories for them. So just don’t hesitate and make an account on these platforms.

5. Start Freelancing

Freelancing work includes a big number of categories in it. You can opt for graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, tutoring, sales management, general management etc to make a pathway for livelihood.

6. Home Cleaning Service

Home cleaning service providers charge a cleaning amount according to the area of a house or flat.

There are charges according to BHK and also according to the mode of cleaning like deep cleaning or normal cleaning.

You can either join any home cleaning service or you can start your own service under budget friendly finance because you will have to afford certain kind of cleaning machines.

7. Teach Offline

To be a teacher is a universal dream for every person in its childhood. Probably there is someone who has grown up without assuming itself as a teacher.

Sometimes people find it very suitable for them so they opt for teaching in colleges or universities. You can also go for interviews in schools so that you may secure a job in teaching to earn money.

8. Start Tea Stall

Earning money by your labour is actually a thing to be proud of rather than being ashamed.

Although there are people who may oppose that starting a tea stall is not on their status yet this is an idea which you may be interested in because it may give you a part-time opportunity to earn money.

Just set your timing slots whether in the morning or evening to present your tea stall and then serve tea to the people.

9. Open Maggie point near College

Opening a fast food Point near any college is also a very good idea when it comes to make money under tight pockets.

There is nothing technical in this point as you just have to simply prepare Maggi or any other fast food and then sell it to the people.

You can do it by yourself or you can collect a group of your friends or family members to get assistance.

10. Reseller Hosting Business

We all know that today is the time of online genre. Everyone wants to register its presence on internet and when it comes to businessmen, they feel it mandatory to do their business on the level of online platforms.

This is the reason that they go to maintain a website so that they may promote their brands. Reseller hosting business is good for those who are very well into web design.

If any intrapreneur does not want to buy a domain and make maintenance on its own, it can go for reseller hosting business. The best part of reseller hosting business is that it can be started with low capital.

11. Makeup at Marriage/ Mehandi on Festival

Although make up and mehendi are believed to be the stuff of girls, believe us, trust us, it is not just a stereotype.

Today when equality is on the top for male and female both, there is nothing too distinct. Any expert in make up or Mandy can start its services for the other people by charging a good amount.

We must tell you that bridal mehendi and make up are really costly and if you are a talented one in make up and Mehandi, you should go for it. You can earn more than 10k just in one sitting if you do it professionally.

12. Season Shop offline on Diwali, Holi

Seasonal shops or another good example to earn some good capital. On the time of Diwali and Holi, there is a high demand for crackers, electric lights, diyas etc.

You can invest a small amount so that you may have all these stuff to sell them to the interested people.

13. Resume Making Service

There are so many organisations who only focus on resume making service. It is like they come up with the creativity and professional skills to create a particular resume for any individual.

You will be shocked to know that they may charge $100 to $400 just for one resume. If you are creative and you feel that you have professional skills to provide resume making service, you can join any of the organisations who work for the same.

You can also search for the people in your locality who are in need for the suggestions in enhancing their resume. You can also guide them by charging a good amount.

14. Online Job Fillup Business

According to our research, around 1 billion forms are supposed to be filled in a day. This is actually a kind of burden to the office people and they somehow want to reduce it.

Here comes an online job fillup business which may be actually a good source to make money.

There are thousands of organisation who provide online Job fillip services but unfortunately all these are not genuine.

There are only 10 to 15 organisations who are genuinely offering online fillip services so choose wisely when it comes to earning money.

Some of the official organisations are pushing themselves towards online Job fill of business and hence they seek for third-party to fulfil job fill up work.

You can research the same and then you can join that organization but make sure it is genuine otherwise in the end they will deny you to pay even a single penny in spite of your hard work

15. Street Food Business

We are living in the most high-tech era of the century and this is the time to break the stereotypes.

If we say that street food business may provide you with good earning, don’t think that you have a good degree so you should not do it.

Of course you can sell food in the streets and believe us in fast cities, you can see young people doing this business as a part-time work so that they may afford their livelihood.

16. Starting a Fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetable Business

Supplying fresh fruits and their juice is also another good option for small setup. You can sell vegetables and fresh fruits in the market by deciding your slots so that you may earn something good.

This maybe your part-time business. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits from the local farmers and then sell it in the market or supply it to the grocery stores.

If you own an empty land, you can cede some vegetables and fruits and then make profit from them.

17. Business Planner

As we discussed, starting a freelance work may be a good choice for earning capital.

Business planning is a type of work which is getting crucial day by day because competition index is getting higher. Business planning is an official document where goals and doors and don’ts related to business are mentioned to plan the specific strategy.

So if you are someone who is interested in event management or business planning, you can choose an organisation and then show your talent.

18. Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is another new but important way to earn capital as there are coming online registration more than the offline ones.

There are platforms which are providing free online courses to people and that is why people are registering them self on that platforms. Although these platforms are providing free online courses, they are paid via advertisement and certifications.

Alison.com is a good example for you if you want to see what an online course selling looks like.

There are companies who make it compulsory for their employees to do courses on these kinds of platforms and then submit their certification to them.

Although courses are free on these platforms, the people who are interested in taking certificates have to pay some amount to get it done. So you can sell online courses and make money also.

19. Become Influncer

You might be using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Do you know people are making money by using social media platforms?

Yes, people make money with the number of their followers. Those who have millions of followers are paid to advertise brands because they become an influencer for the people.

Big companies always wants to advertise their brands so that big crowd of the people mean by their products. Social media influencers are the kind of advertisers who directly catch the attention of their followers.

This made the company make profit and hence they pay to the influencer to. So you can also become an influencer and all you need to do is that you have to bring crowd to your social media accounts.

20. Start selling on Amazon, Esty, Flipkart

Selling your things on Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce platforms is really easy and it may provide you with a good profit.

You just simply have to register your account on the e-commerce platform and then link it to your PAN card or any other identity card.

After the verification you will have to link your bank account to your registered e-commerce platform and then you can list down your things to sell.

One by one online customers will visit your account and if they buy from you, the item will be delivered and the payment will be done to you as soon as received from the customers.


21. Start Podcast

Starting a podcast is the other level of making profit and the best thing about it is that you don’t need to collect much amount of capital to start are you are not supposed to be a very technical person.

Starting a podcast requires a topic or niche on which you will have to record your voice. Podcast is getting popular among the people and research shows that people are preferring podcasts day by day.

According to Edison Research, 40% of Americans aged 12+ say they have listened to a podcast in 2017 while 24% say they have listened to one in the past month, up from 21% one year prior.

Come up with a title and topic. Put a brand name on it and then record your audio files. After that, search for a host like Libsyn or Podbean to upload your podcast and bring people to do you. From here you can lift profit according to the visiting of the people.

22. Sell Ebooks

You may have a variety of things to sell on the e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, wish etc but you can especially sell e-books to via these platforms.

The process is the same, you will have to register your account on the e-commerce website and then upload the list of your books. One of the biggest and most trusted platforms is Shopify Five, where you can sell ebooks and make a profit.

23. Dog Walking Service

Dog walking service is being provided by many of the countries and people are getting financial assistance from it.

According to a recent news, Germany is going to bring a law in which it will be mandatory to take your dog for a walk.

The country’s agriculture minister, Julia Klöckner, has said that the law will be introduced to maintain the health of the dogs. Apart from law, there are dog lovers who take care of them but sometimes they don’t get time to go for a walk with their dogs.

That is why there comes a service of dog walking. Her third party takes the responsibility to go for the dog walking service. The dog owners pay good amount for the service.

It is good to see an employment opportunity coming forward which is not only providing financial assistance to the unemployed people but also it is giving health benefits to the innocent pets. You can also opt for such kind of services and make profit.

Future Business Ideas 2020-2021 in india

I will straight forward answer your query. If you are planning to start your business in 2020 or 2021 then checkout this list i try to put every possible business idea that you can start with a small amount of money.
1. Blogging
2. Podcasting
3. Crypto Trading
4. Stock Marketing
5. Organic Fruit and Vegetables Store
6. Virtual Assistant
7. Digital marketing Agency
8. Online Courses
9. Live Tuition Classes
10. Consulting
11. Youtuber / Vlogger
12. Sell on Amazon and Flipkart
13. Photography
14. Video Shooting and Editing
15. UI/ UX Designer

Future Business Ideas 2030 in India

1. AR/VR Related Business
2. Blockchain related Startup
3. AI Related Startups
4. Organic Food related startup
5. Drone Delivery Startup

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