11 Shradha Sharma Quotes for Young Entrepreneur’s

Shraddha Sharma is the founder and CEO of your story. Yourstory is a media platform for startups. She is such an energetic and cheerful person. If you want to motivate yourself all the time towards your work and goals then be sure to read these quotes by shardha sharma of your story. 

Shradha Sharma Quotes


Desperation.Helplessness.acute pain around. The only thing that keeps one going is the selflessness so many are showing & going out of the way to help. In darkness there is light. U might not make the headlines but you make one believe in life. To all feeling alone,a big tight hug I feel you.


Besides the intelligence, skills, hard work, and anything else, what is underrated but extremely powerful in determining success is our own inner energy. The energy we bring to anything that we do. It’s the vibration within that we feel. How is your energy today?


If you have nothing to give you still have a smile, kindness, a listening ear and your presence to give. Sometimes it’s so much bigger than anything else on earth. Give it generously and you might make a world of difference.  


Biggest oxymoron – “dil pe mat le yaar” But dil hi to hai, everything important is a matter of heart. To all heartful ppl embrace your breathing heart. One life after all.

Money matters…in any relationship. Somethings still only money can buy. To all women out there…don’t ignore to think and make money. Hard earned learnings.

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The fire to succeed will come from the things you did not get, you did not learn, you did not have”.

Shradha Sharma Quotes 6

When you know you have to fend yourself every inch of the way,it gives you different kind of grit and tenacity. 


Don’t expect someone else to make the magic happen for you. Do it yourself.


Being an entrepreneur is very lonely and though. So you need to embrace and love yourself, when you do this what others say will not matter. 


Keep setting new benchmarks yourself so no one else is dictating your parameter of success.


 Its long long road. Sometimes all you need are people who pat your back and say carry on. Thank you to everyone who encourages.

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