TCS vs Startup: Should I go to TCS or Join Startups in 2023

Before reading this answer, I want to tell you that this answer is based on my opinion and research. 

First let me tell you a little about myself. I have completed my BE in Computer Science. I will be brutally honest with you. In college all my time was spent reading things related to startups, understanding the different business models and reading books(Of course not academic yrr).

And gradually the marks in my academics started to decrease. And at that time I had two options.

1st Start reading the books of academics and complete the percentage and 2nd do what I was doing reading about startups and all.

This is also a long story I will tell you later but after Fast Forward after College, I joined a good content media startup related to finance.

So i am going to give you an answer based upon my experience, my friends’ experience and research. I will try to complete every aspect so you will be able to make a better decision upon that. So let’s dive into it.

Stability, Growth, Salary, Reputation, Work Life and Personal Life, Society Pressure and Marriage, Future Scope

So I am going to compare these points from Startup vs TCS and let’s see who will be the winner and in the end I will give my opinion.

Table of Contents

TCS vs Startup

1. Stability

TCS: If you are a person who wants a hassle-free life like work 9 to 5 and then get paid every 1st week of the month, Timely promotion and weekdays off without worrying about work load then you should join TCS. Because you get a very stable work life balance. 

Startup: I am not talking about a well funded startup, I am talking about bootstrap startup or newly open startup, there you get everything opposite you have to work beyond 9 to 5, you will not get salary on time, sometimes you have to work on weekdays also so if you want stability then i think startup is not for you.

Winner: TCS

2. Learning & Growth

TCS: In big organizations and MNCs like TCS, chances of learning and internal growth are very low because they have pre-set rules and strategies to develop things and at checkout  you just have to follow these without worrying about who is client, or where your code is going to be used, so chances of learning new technologies and taking full responsibility for any work is less.

There you will get everything on the table so if you are a person who likes challenges and is ready to enhance your skills from time to time then TCS surely is not for you.

Startup: In a startup you have to dirty your hands by working on various technology and  products and some of the work is fully dependent upon your end so there are very high chances you will learn many new things by practicing and  implementing.

Winner: Startup

3. Salary

TCS: According to one survey,  the average salary package in TCS for freshers is around. INR 1,82,970 to INR 6,45,044 per year. This is a good salary range for any just passout fresher. So from a salary point of view TCS is better than a startup.

Startup: Some startups are ready to pay you higher but they need exceptional skill quality but generally startups that hire freshers don’t give that much salary especially in India salary ranges between around 10,000 to 25,000. Also many times you will not get paid on time but in TCS you will get paid on time without you having to worry about anything. So in terms of Salary TCS is better.

Winner: TCS

4. Reputation

TCS: No doubt TCS is the biggest  MNC in the world, let’s compare some statistics. According to wikipedia, as of February 2021 TCS is the largest company in the IT sector in the world by market capitalisation of $169.2 billion. Also many Indian parents give a lot of value whenever their son./daughter joins TCS because they know that TCS is very old and reputed MNC world wide.

Startup:  Mostly startups bootstrap or just get  seed funding so they don’t have much name in the society and market. So  If you compare by Brand reputation, TCS is the winner.

Winner: TCS

5. Work life and Personal life

TCS: Work Life and personal life is very balanced at TCS  because you don’t have to work after your assigned time also they don’t give you any work on your weekends, so you get sufficient time after your job and weekdays to maintain your personal hobbies and all.

Startup: As you know that startup is just a bunch of people who just started out and want to change the world so it requires a lot of hard work and extra hours of work so there is no doubt you have to work extra hours on weekdays . So your personal life will affect a lot so make it in your mind if you want to join a startup you have to suffer a lot.

Winner: TCS

6. Society Pressure and Marriage

TCS: If you join TCS all your family will appreciate you because there you get stability, a good salary and reputation. Also people will like to marry any person who is in a good reputed company. In short, TCS are like govt jobs and no one will raise a finger on you.

Startup: Many indian parents don’t want their child to take a high risk job very they don’t have work stability and low salary also at the time of marriage many people consider startup is not a secured job and they want a person who is doing good job in big MNC like TCS or Infosys.

Winner: TCS

6. Future Scope

TCS: If you want a stable work life where you get time to time promotion and salary appraisal then TCS will be good but there is a time when there is not much learning and career scope you will get on big MNCs like TCS.

Startup: Future scope is very high for many startups. When they get funding they start appraising their teammates salary appraisal and you will also learn a lot of new things on a daily basis. There is no doubt startups are the winners here.

Winner: Startup


Everyone has their own opinion but like i said above if you are a person who wants a comfortable life then no doubt TCs are perfect for you but if you want some high risk and learning growth in your career then Startup is the thing for you also that’s the reason i go for a startup after passing out from my college.

I hope this answer helps you to analyze these two things in many aspects. If you find this answer good please tell me in the comment section and share with your friend who needs to see that answer.


Accenture vs startup

There is not much difference between Accenture and TCS if you read my whole answer that i above write you can replace TCS with Accenture and you get your answer which is best Accenture vs Startup. I hope you get my answer.

Deloitte vs Startup

The brand names of these companies are very big so if you compare startups with TCS, Infosys or Deloitte everywhere you get the same corporate experience that I mentioned above just replace TCS with deloitte you get your answer.

Capgemini vs Startup and Infosys vs Startup

These are all MNC and you will get same experience almost everywhere so if you read above article carefully you will know what is better and what you have to join.

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