35+ Kunal Shah Quotes: For Startup Founders

Kunal Shah is a very prominent entrepreneur. Previously Known for his startup freecharge that he sold to snapdeal in 400 million dollars. Now he launched his new startup cred. Cred is a fintech unicorn startup in india.

If you know Kunal’s so you observed that he is very active over twitter where he is constantly sharing his opinions and quotes. So I collected all the good quotes usually associated with startups and formed them into the form of this article.

Kunal Shah Quotes 

If you fully accept the worst that can ever happen in your journey, fear won’t ever be an obstacle in starting-up.

Ambition alone doesn’t work. Missions do

Those who are addicted to getting compliments, learn very slowly.

Experience is a curse if not kept current.

Show me an easily offended person, and I will show you a person with deep insecurities.

Mocking someone is accepting lower status.

You age when your excitement for trying new things drops.

Replace the time spent discussing about other people with any other topic and see your life get better in no time.

Rules created by the world AND rules created by themselves.

High IQ people who are not extraordinary problem solvers usually have one common trait: inability to break/bend rules created by the world.

Innovative people struggle to stick to conventional wisdom when needed.

You are slave of those who evoke a reaction out of you.

Never seen extreme personal success in someone’s life without history of multiple extreme personal failures in their origins.

In a long enough time frame, all Gods get replaced with new ones.

Curiosity is underrated.

Mistrusting and insecure people never generate trust from people and fail to lead.

Rarely you’ll find a good leader who sucks at teaching.

Impatience is a feature not a bug in a growth PM.

You can predict a lot about a society by seeing their obsession on nostalgia in comparison to their curiosity for future.

Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken

Only good use of money is to buy time. Time to invest in knowledge, health and relationships.

Dreams must always be recreated and sustained, for reality kills the dream

Spoonfeeding is addictive.

Those who are greedy to understand the world get more money in life than those who are greedy to get more money.

People with high self esteem don’t taunt.

Truly ambitious people don’t celebrate small milestones.

There are no over ambitious people. Only dreamers with no plans.

Hustle doesn’t scale. Playbooks do.

You’ll never meet a rich person who can’t keep a secret.

Skill to design good business metrics is underrated.

Nuance is a privilege of a calm mind.

Find me a person who has not learnt from their mistakes and I will show you a person who often blames others for their failures.

Ability to do disturbing and scary thought experiments without an emotional reaction is a sign of maturity and intelligence.

Find me a startup team that often hides bad news, and I will show you a founder who has poor emotional control.

Curiosity creates information asymmetry

Future of résumés is a pitch video.

Second time founders make new mistakes.

Don’t be a prisoner of your résumé. You wrote it to describe your past, not your future.

As a product, if you try to become everything for everyone before you become something for someone, you end up becoming nothing for no one.

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