12 Best Inspiring Startup Stories of India

India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. StartupIndia estimates that over 50,000 startups were launched in 2018. Now that it is 2021, you can imagine how rapidly the Indian startup ecosystem is growing. Approximately four to five startups are launched every day, but between failure and success, there is a story that gives you motivation and experience to continue.

For that purpose, I compiled a list of all startup interviews I conducted over a period of 10 months. These are detailed interviews where you get stories and actionable insights on how to do things correctly.

Inspiring Startup Stories India

1. How I Make $10000/month From Blogging


Today’s interview is with Anil Agarwal, founder of bloggerspassion and hostingmonk. He has spent more than 10 years working in the blogging and SEO industry and is still working on it. His blog has been featured on very big websites like Forbes, Semrush, Neilpatel and many more. I am very happy that I was able to share Anil Agarwal’s interview with you all.

2. How I Started a Digital Marketing Institute


Today we are going to have a discussion about the emergence of a brand that is rapidly earning its name through its method teaching in the field of digital marketing.We will get to know what it costs to build a successful Digital Marketing Institute.

3. How I Started Banksathi.com


Today we are going to interview Jitendra Dhaka and share with you all the success story of a very renowned startup – Bank Sathi.

4. How I Started a Rental Start Up in India


Rent Baaz is among the most unique and blooming startups in India. It was founded by Mr. Nayan and his cofounder and childhood friend, Mr. Gaurav.

Let me tell you a little bit about Rentbaaz. Rentbaaz is a Rental startup in India They provide gaming and entertainment equipment to businesses on a subscription to event basis.

5. How I Started a Parking Startup in India


Today’s interview is with Nimesh Damani, founder of Let’s Park. So let me tell you a little bit about Let’s Park. Let’sPark mission is simple: To perfect the parking experience. So let’s Start Now.

6. How We Started FlatMatch.in


FlatMatch startup journey by us for you to kick-start your day, or end on a note that spurs positivity and joy in you. so today i am going to share flatMatch founder Paresh journey with you. So let’s start it

7. How I Started Lensbazaar.Com


Hello Everyone on today’s episode of the Leantale Interview Series our guest is Sudhanshu Bhasin. He is the founder of lensbazaar.com and let me tell you about LensBazaar.com – One Stop solution for all your contact lens requirements. A leading website for direct to consumer selling of contact lenses.

So let’s start and ask Sudhanshu how everything is started.

8. How I Started Binni’s Wardrobe

How i started Binni's Wardrobe

In today’s interview we have Shraddha who is founder of Binni’s Wardrobe.

Let me tell you a little bit about Shraddha’s startup. Binni’s Wardrobe LLP is a Mumbai-based firm in the fashion, jewelry and accessories industry, run by professionals backed by decades of combined experience in managing business and creating value.

The young and energetic team specializes in specific operational focus and core marketing skills.

So let’s start and ask Shraddha how everything started.

9. How I Co-Found a Huppme With Abhinav Prateek

How I Co-Founded a Huppme With Abhinav Prateek

In today’s interview we had Ramesh who is the Co-founder of Huppme.com. Let me tell you a little bit about Huppme. Huppme is a group of young and dynamic people working towards adding happiness in everyone’s life through the art of gifting and celebration. Huppme is not the biggest gifting company but the most sincere gifting team.

10. Mobiezy: Organizing Small Businesses in More than 300 Towns in India


Hello everyone, today on the Leantale interview series we have Raghavendra, founder of Mobiezy. Let me tell you a little bit about mobiezy. Mobiezy goes beyond the cash collection system and offers a complete solution to bring overall efficiency to the local businesses.

The company’s software solution has several features that provide a sophisticated CRM software solution addressing the needs of subscription based business like cable TV operators, fitness centres, house rental management etc.

11. How I Started a Content Writing Agency in India

How I Started Content Writing Agency in India

Hello everyone, today in the Leantale interview series we have Sravani Sundeep, founder of Apnawriter. Let me tell you a little bit about Apna writer. Apna Writer is a content writing agency that provides content for websites, blogs, emails, social media, advertisements, press releases, and a lot more.

Let’s talk to Sarvani about apna writer in more detail.

12. How I Built and Launched Two SaaS Companies in India

How I Built and Launched Two SaaS Companies in India

Greetings all, today we had an interview with Tushar Jain, founder of Onpagechamp and Enthu.AI. My name is Ajeet Yadav and I am the founder of Leantale. In this article, we will take a closer look at Tushar’s back story and how he founded two SAAS based companies in India.

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