How I Started Binni’s Wardrobe

In today’s interview we have Shraddha who is founder of Binni’s Wardrobe. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Shraddha’s  startup. Binni’s Wardrobe LLP is a Mumbai-based firm in the fashion, jewelry and accessories industry, run by professionals backed by decades of combined experience in managing business and creating value.

The young and energetic team specializes in specific operational focus and core marketing skills.

So let’s start and ask Shraddha how everything started. 

How i started Binni's Wardrobe

Ajeet- Tell me about yourself and how you started ?

Shraddha- Hello , my name is Shraddha. I am the founder of  Binni’s  Wardrobe and we are aspiring to bring a transformational upgrade in the fashion jewelry, beauty and accessories industry. Let me  explain this to you in detail.

Our Vision

Binni’s wardrobe celebrates the spirit of every aspiring woman with dreams in her eyes and feet firmly on the ground. We hope to relate to the bubbly, cheerful, stylish and confident “Binni” in every girl or woman while she carries herself proudly in our designs which are exclusively crafted keeping this very fact in mind.

Our Focus

Every new jewelry design by Binni’s wardrobe focuses on the use it is meant for. The occasion, the person adorning the jewelry, the accessories that go along, the look, the get-up or the mood, every aspect is thought through and the craft that goes behind making our jewelry ranks supreme in importance.

When you order any jewelry from Binni’s Wardrobe, rest assured that you will get the value for your money. We believe in fair trade and ensure the craftsmen we work with compensate well for the effort they are putting in implementing our designs.


We are always accessible. We are always ready to listen to the requirements of our customers. Although this is one of the most basic business aspects, we realize that it  is somehow  missing in this online sales business model.  

Remember what was the strongest point of the traditional local novelty store our women used to visit? The shopkeeper understood the pulse of their customer and gave them exactly what they wanted. We bring the same strength through customer engagement through various channels.    

The firm has strategic relationships with manufacturers, artisans and craftsmen on a pan-India basis to ensure customers are presented with the best and greater than value for money products and services.

Ajeet– Can you tell me more about your study background and all?

Shraddha– Sure, So can anyone imagine that I am a microbiologist?(laughingly)  I have done my graduation in microbiology and I have done my masters in biotechnology. So I am not only a microbiologist but also I’m a biotechnologist.  I had been working in a company for five years and then in 2015,  I decided  to  start this business.

 Ajeet- Great. My next question is like how did you validate that your startup idea is a market fit? 

Shraddha– the reason that I choose my business in fashion jewelry is because I observed that there are no other player or a particular brand that people can recall while going for a purchase. This is a big opportunity for someone like us to establish ourselves as a brand that comes first on every buyer’s mind. 

Every year almost our 25% clients are repeated clients. The best part of our efforts is when we get compliments from our clients who tell us that the products received by them are even more beautiful than the pictures on the site. Our repeat client base is a big validation that my start-up idea is definitely a market fit.  

Ajeet- My next question is regarding the team having a good team is very important for a successful business. So how did you select your team? 

Shraddha-  We are an extremely small team but it is a very  skilled one.  We are focused on developing core expertise within ourselves like someone who has expertise in designing while someone has an experience in managing our digital presence etc. 

Ajeet- what is the biggest challenge you have faced in your entire business career?

 Shraddha- This is a very interesting question. I believe most of the Entrepreneurs will agree that business has everyday challenges and those challenges have different solutions. Sometimes there is the same problem but we need to come up with the new solution because the old one is not going to assist. Due to Covid, we had to shut down our  entire operation for 3 months and then we are now starting things from scratch again . When we  re-opened, thankfully we got good responses from  customers as more people were coming up to buy products online. 

Ajeet- If someone wants to start a business then what suggestion will you give that person? 

Shraddha– I am still trying to get to the place  where I expect to be.  My suggestion is that anyone who is planning to start a business must back their venture on the basis of an original and genuine idea which they firmly believe in. One must be self-motivated and at the same time be very patient. It is only a consistent hard work that pays off in the end. 

Ajeet- Shraddha, actually I have heard that in your start-up time, you didn’t get any support from your family. Is it? 

Shraddha– I always had good support from my family. My family is my strength. 

Ajeet- Any kind of book that you would like to recommend to our users?

Shraddha–  I’m not the person who is fond of reading a lot of books.  I am a very religious person and I believe in learning from my own experiences. My life is a book and I love to write it every day.

 Ajeet- Can you please share some of the  tools that you use for your business? 

Shraddha-  we are a very small business aspiring to be bigger of course. So we  make use of quite a bit of project management, logistics, tools and designing software to work smarter like Zoho, Unicommerce and Basecamp to name a few.. 

Ajeet- What kind of changes have you noticed in yourself in comparison to before and after the start up?

 Shraddha– I notice that I have developed a positive attitude and confidence. I am more hard-working now than earlier  I am always  patient  and very motivated and I have a very positive outlook towards my future because I know that I am going to be a very successful entrepreneur in future. 

Ajeet- What are your future plans? 

Shraddha– My vision is to accessorize every woman who wants to carry herself with grace and charm so that Binni’s wardrobe is a part of every woman’s life and their success and plays a significant part in making every woman feel confident.

You will hopefully soon see Binni’s Wardrobe making a strong impact. 

Ajeet- Great, so all the best from my side also! 

Shraddha– Thank you so much. 

Ajeet- Thank you so much Shraddha for your precious time. It was really nice talking to you. 

Shraddha– Yes. It has been a pleasure for me too to reflect upon the questions which were so nicely put up by you. So thanks to you again Ajeet.

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