How I Started Banksathi.com

Today we are going to interview Jitendra Dhaka and share with you all the success story of a very renowned startup – Bank Sathi.

How I Started Banksathi.Com

Who are You and What Kind of Business You Started (Your Back Story)

Hello everyone my name is Jitendra Dhaka, I am the founder of Banksathi. I was born in a small village of Rajasthan. For my graduation, I later moved to Punjab where I completed my graduation from Computer Science engineering from Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

From the very beginning, I was inclined to the digital marketing field during my initial years of engineering only. After completing college I made up my mind to start my own business in the field of Digital marketing.

With gods’s grace and my continuous efforts, I earned a very quick name in this field and earned around fifteen crores for my outstanding work from Google and Media. Net, Indian Express and other renowned firms.

By utilizing my skills in the field of digital marketing, I started my own company called ” Bank Sathi” .This company aims to help out financial problems which the people are facing with different financial institutions.The tagline of ‘Bank Sathi’ says it well – Empower your financial life.

Why Did You Choose this Field ?

I always wanted to do something ‘Out of the box’! My vision was to provide loan assistance to borrowers and also help them find the best investment plans for them.

Bank Sathi gives a very quick and easy solution to the customer about how and where they should apply for their loans to avoid restless efforts.

What is Your Business Model/ How You Generate Revenue for Your Business

Bank Saathi acts as a common platform for both customer and financial institutions to meet their respective needs. Banksaathi provides customers with the necessary details and references of those financial institutions which are of their interest.

Banksaathi also provides clients with financial institutions to sell their products or services in return of which they pay commission to Bank Saathi.

This acts as the source of revenue generation for Banksaathi.

How Many People Are on Your Team and How You Choose them for Your Business

Building a core team for Banksathi was not an easy task. They handpicked those people who had the required skills in the digital marketing field and must be passionate about Banksathi.Currently, Banksathi comprises of six core members and 26 other team members.

The Biggest Problems You Faced Between Your Business Journey and How You Overcome It

At one point in 2015, I faced a huge economic crisis as my payscale was reduced drastically. After this incident I learnt that- Life is all about facing the difficulties and moving ahead towards your goal.

What are Banksathi Future Plans?

Empower the people by providing A to Z financial aid to get rid of their financial crisis.

What Kind of Tools Do You Use for Managing Your Business

For marketing purposes I use some digital marketing tools, also youtube, and also for storage purposes I use google drive.

Any Books that You Want to Recommend to Our Reader

1.You can win (by Shiv Kheda)
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

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What Advice Do You Want to Give Them to The Budding Entrepreneurs that Want to Start the Business ?

1. Make your strategy full proof
2. Think out of the box!
3. Plan to arrange the initial funds
4. Know your market competition.

Favorite Quote By You

” Thakna mana Hai, Rukna Mana Hai! “

3 Key Learnings That You Learned After Running Your Business

  1. Have patience to deal with any obstacles.
  2. Always be consistent with your efforts.
  3. Believe in yourself.

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