Aerospace Companies in Bangalore 2023

When you see a plane sweeping past you, high above your head in the sky, you know there’s more to it than just a huge metal body carrying excited passengers looking forward to a holiday in Hawaii or some other related dream or trip. 

What looks like a simple instrument the Wright brothers created is more than just a gleaming body of metal. Years of engineering in his field would have got you well acquainted with the world of building, testing, designing and how the best cannot suffice when it comes to an instrument carrying human beings high up in the sky above you. 

That being said, if you are in Bangalore, and are in the field of aviation, and wondering what companies to approach and who can be there for you, we have here, put down a list that we think would be highly convenient for you. 

Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

Read on and make all the comparisons you need in order to arrive at a conclusion and know which aerospace company would be the best for you. 

1. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Now, this is a government-owned company where helicopters and fighter planes are manufactured for the Indian Air Force. It manufactures aircrafts as well as other related devices that include engines as well as avionics and other equipment of communication used in the Indian air force. 

The company has nine centres and 19 manufacturing plants spread over different parts of India, Bangalore being one among them. 

2. Boeing India Pvt Ltd

Established in the year 1940, this is one of the oldest companies that deal with aerospace in the city. This is a company that mainly deals with producing parts required to maintain an aircraft. 

The company also produces sturdy cargo jets that can easily cover vast distances. With some of the most skilled scientists, engineers and technicians, this company has its presence in over 65 countries over the world today. 

3. Airbus Group India Pvt Ltd

We all know this name, don’t we? One of the pioneers when it comes to the international aerospace industry, Airbus is also a leader in the design and manufacture of aerospace products. 

With its responsible and sustainable business practices, this is a company that has accomplished the extraordinary, be it on the ground or up in the sky. 

4. Rolls Royce India PVT Ltd

Another name that we are all familiar with, Rolls Royce is not just shaping the world when it comes to manufacturing vehicles on the road, but up in the sky too by its highly efficient propulsion solutions and power systems. 

With its clean, safe and ground-breaking technologies, Rolls Royce has been one of the pioneers when it comes to new solutions in the world of aerospace. 

5. Tata Advanced Materials Ltd

And in the world of aerospace, Tata has something to give you too, fast emerging as one of the biggest aerospace players in India. Apart from aerospace and aero structures, it provides missiles, radar systems, and various other command and control systems which makes it again one of the top names in your hunt for aerospace companies in Bangalore. 

And it does not end there. Today, the company is also one of the key players in various other systems that include optronics, homeland security systems, and even unmanned aerial systems. 

6. Maini Precisions Products Ltd

If you are thinking of high precision components, Maini is another name you need to add on the list. Highly driven towards customer satisfaction, this aerospace company has various research and development units focused on providing better products, based on their customer feedback. 

Maini is one aerospace company that is highly dedicated to its customer feedback and satisfaction, so if you are in search of a company like this that pays attention to your requirements and needs, this could be the name for you to add on the list. 

7. Collins Aerospace

Another company you would probably want to add to your list is Collins Aerospace. With years of great expertise, this brand has achieved a place among one of the many big names when it comes to business aviation and military aerospace. In fact, it even exports some of its aerospace products to foreign countries.

Committed to protecting nations and saving lives, Collins Aerospace is on its way to redefining the world of aerospace. 

8. Sasmos Het Technologies Ltd

Established in the year 2007 with the aim of building electrical interconnection solutions, Sasmos today has earned its place among the biggest aerospace industries in this city. The team provides precision engineering and receives its support from Lumipolin the Netherlands. 

Having served in the industry for more than three decades, Sasmos now has a prominent presence when it comes to the world of aerospace in this country. 

9. Asteria

Another name to be noted in the world of aerospace in this city is Asteria, and especially if you are into robotics and artificial intelligence. With its wonderful capabilities and intellectual property, the company has built over the years a number of highly customized aerial tools for remote sensing. 

Asteria is mainly into security and survey applications, assisting all military, paramilitary as well as police forces with its unmanned platforms that are reliable to the extent that they can be used even in the most demanding environments. 

10. Safran Hal Aircraft

Finally on the list is Safran.. With more than 110 years of experience, this is a company that shows its expertise in various segments of civil aviation and is the name you want if you are into passenger and cargo aircrafts. 

However, it doesn’t stop here. THe company also provides its expertise in aiding military aircrafts and jets, giving you sturdy equipment to withstand almost any temperature when you are up in the sky. 

List of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

S. NoAerospace Companies in Bangalore
1Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
2Boeing India Pvt Ltd
3Airbus Group India Pvt Ltd
4Rolls Royce India PVT Ltd
5Tata Advanced Materials Ltd
6Maini Precisions Products Ltd
7Collins Aerospace
8Sasmos Het Technologies Ltd
10Safran Hal Aircraft

Final Words on Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

So, there you are. When it comes to aviation equipment, there is no dearth of opportunities in Bangalore. While the above are just a few of the top names in the industry, research will surely show you how there is much more for you to compare and consider in order to land at the best aerospace company in Bangalore for you. 

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